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Prored Partners is looking for someone who can seriously face the challenges of their clients and think through things from various perspectives to create value. Can you think through?

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Sales Growth (Increase sales)

We focus on helping B2B businesses realize increased net sales along with gross profit. By carefully analyzing current business conditions, we can clarify the existing issues from the customer, product, and business management axis to the structure and personnel evaluations of the company, therefore supporting the larger policies that have an impact on sales.

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BPR (Business process re-engineering)

We help companies realize improvements in a wide scope of areas, including in their stores, field work, back office (accounting, HR, and general affairs), procurement, and manufacturing lines. We don't just stop at correcting daily business processes, as we can also provide custom solutions by integrating AI and RPA as well as outsourcing and BPO.

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Low Cost Strategy

To realize a lean (slim yet muscular) organization, we focus on reducing direct and indirect costs. Through our unique scheme of analyzing group buying schemes and internal benchmarks while incorporating BPR and BPO into company methods and quality, we're able to produce undeniable results.

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